Thanksgiving in Havasu

0thankspoolsideWhile going through Havasu Magazine’s archive of past articles–deciding which ones to retire and which ones to re-post, I came across one I wrote in 2005. I find it hard to believe ten years have gone by since I wrote that post.

From Thanksgiving of 2005

For those of you who spent Thanksgiving weekend in Havasu, I’m sure you will agree with me that the weather was pretty incredible! Over the last 37 years we’ve experienced some frosty Havasu Thanksgivings, yet 2005 was not one of them. 
We set up a banquet table on the back patio and enjoyed dining poolside.  In the spirit of a true Martha Stewart wannabe, I dressed the table with a linen tablecloth, secured cloth napkins in wooden napkin rings, and covered the center of the table with candles.  (Please remind me to buy drip-less candles, and don’t tell Martha!  Does anyone know how to remove wax from linen?)
During the evening family members visited and played games on the back patio, and stayed outside until after 9 p.m.  We lit up the clay fire pit, which added more to the ambiance than the need for warmth.
We had family in from Missouri and Texas and they were impressed with the weather.  One Kansas City cousin told us he had never eaten outdoors on Thanksgiving. A dear Havasu friends had traveled to Chicago for holiday, and when I called them to boast of the amazing weather (Chicago was experiencing a wind chill factor of zero at the time), I was called an unpleasant name!   

But alas, things have started to cool.  Which is not necessarily a bad thing, since a lot of people prefer to have a nip in the air during Christmastime.  I suppose I will have to let my family eat inside for Christmas dinner.
From our family to yours, I hope you have a wonderful holiday season.

Thanksgiving today, 2015

As I write this, it’s almost ten past 8 a.m. on Thanksgiving morning. I just checked the thermometer on the back porch and it’s 50 degrees outside. The sky is clear and no breeze. Not sure it will warm up enough to eat on the patio this afternoon, but it might be nice to sit around the propane fire pit after dinner and enjoy the day.

Wishing you all a blessed and safe Thanksgiving.

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