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Photos: Channel Feb 2013
Photos: Lake Havasu Montage

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Photos: Dirt Road into Havasu Palms 1
Photos: Dirt Road into Havasu Palms 2
Photos: Lake Havasu Museum
Photos: Havasu Falls in LHC
Photos: Black Meadow Landing
Photos: Copper Canyon
Photos: Havasu Springs
Photos: Taste of Havasu 2006
Photos: Havasu Rocktober Fest 2006
Photos: Potpourii of Havasu Photos
Photos: English Village 2005

Photos: Havasu Palms Early Days Cleanup

Photos: Havasu Desert Wildflowers

Photos: Bridgewater Channel
Photos: Havasu Goofy Golf 1999
Photos: 1971 Calendar London Bridge Opening

Photos: Relics and Rods, 2004

Photos: Relics and Rods, 2001
Photos: Scenic Havasu Photographs
Photos: London Bridge, 2005

Photos: "I went to Jail for history!"

Photos: Havasu's Shoreline

Photos: Green Hills of Havasu

Photos: Halloween 2007

Photos: Havasu Lighthouses

Photo: London Bridge Parade 2006

Photos: 2005 Memorial Day in the Channel







Vermillion Lighthouse
Lake Havasu's Lighthouses

       The Lake Havasu Lighthouse Club was first formed in 2000, when a group of boaters wanted to improve the navigational lights on Lake Havasu.  Since then, replicas of famous lighthouses have popped up along the shoreline of Lake Havasu.  The project has become more than a navigational system, it is an additional tourist attraction for those visiting the popular water way. To learn more about the Lake Havasu Lighthouse Club, and its ongoing project, visit their website


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Vermillion Lighthouse

Vermillion Lighthouse   Vermillion Lighthouse

Main Buffalo Lighthouse

Main Buffalo Lighthouse    Main Buffalo Lighthouse  
Main Buffalo Lighthouse    Main Buffalo Lighthouse

Split Rock Lighthouse

Split Rock Lighthouse   Split Rock Lighthouse

Currituck Beach Lighthouse

Currituck Beach Lighthouse   Currituck Beach Lighthouse

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