About Havasu


Founded in 1964, Lake Havasu City was incorporated in 1974 and currently has a population of approximately 52,000 +. Located in Arizona’s Mohave County, Lake Havasu City sits at an elevation of 575 feet. Its seasonal climate ranges from 45° – 69° F in the winter, 60° – 88° F during the spring, 82° – 110° F in the summer and 52° – 90° F during the fall, with a total average precipitation of 2.67 inches.

London Bridge, Lake Havasu City, Arizona
London Bridge, Lake Havasu City, Arizona

Lake Havasu City is home to the famous London Bridge. The London Bridge celebrated its official grand opening at its Arizona home in October 1971.

Lake Havasu City is approximately 2 1/2 hours drive (153 miles) from Las Vegas, Nevada, three hours from Phoenix, Arizona, (208 miles), and five hours from Los Angeles, California (298 miles).

IMG_0565Lake Havasu is 45-miles long, located on the California and Arizona border. Initially a segment of the Colorado River, the construction of Parker Dam in 1938 created the popular lake. Parker Dam’s primary function is to provide reservoir water storage for California and Arizona. Yet, long ago skiers and fishermen discovered other uses for the blue waters of Lake Havasu.

Bridgewater Channe.
Bridgewater Channel


Some only know Lake Havasu as a popular spring break location, a site for party loving boys and girls, spotlighted by MTV and the filming location of the movie, Piranha 3D. Lake Havasu City is so much more. Lake Havasu, a favorite winter destination for retirees, offers sunshine, golf courses, and water recreation.  Boaters and anglers alike flock to Lake Havasu throughout the year.